Have any small, low dishes lying around that are in need of some planting, but you just aren't feeling motivated to plant them up? Well, we thought we would share a few tips and a video to provoke some inspiration! We recommend using a variety of small plants, like 2" succulents or maybe even larger depending on the size of the dish, in addition to some sticks or driftwood, and some pebbles.

For this arrangement, we knew we would be placing it indoors, so we chose a few different green succulents. When keeping succulents indoors, keep in mind that the darker green succulents are more tolerant of lower light and are better suited for indoor environment versus the brighter, more vividly, colored succulents that need more direct sunlight. Many pots, like this one, don't have drainage holes ... but don't let this stop you from planting in them! Simply water these pots less often than you would pots with drainage holes. Since we intend to keep this arrangement indoors, we would only water it about once every two weeks or once the dirt dries out from the last watering. 

Have a go at making your own dish garden and feel free to share any of your arrangements with #dallavita or #fromlifewegrow on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. 



Marsha said:

The planter looks awesome.

I’ll have to remember to use darker green succulents since all of my plants are indoors only.

Do you have any ideas: I have 4 crassula Rubio I think it’s called. The red is fading to green and the leaves are dying from the bottom of the plant up.

Does this mean – not enough sun, or not enough water, or not enough fertilizer (since it’s winter I only fertilize my Tillandsias, Hoyas, and now succulents once a month)???? Thanks, I love my pastel pots, Marsha

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