Once we got the caravan back to Santa Barbara and had laid out plans for how we wanted it to look, it was time for Demo Day. We gutted the interior all the way down to the steel frame. The walls were in pretty flimsy shape, so we decided to frame the whole interior out with 2 x 3s for extra strength. You can see the original skinny planks of wood that were used for framing the walls. It's hard to imagine how these short, stapled-together pieces held the trailer up for fifty plus years!


Vintage Shasta Trailer Interior

Vintage Shasta Trailer

Shasta Trailer

 We stripped the floor down to the frame, took out the insulation, redid the floor joists with fresh wood, and then installed new foam insulation in between. 

Shasta Trailer

Then we had to remove all of the yellow insulation from the walls. 

Vintage Trailer Restoration InteriorVintage Trailer InteriorVintage Shasta Trailer

Removed the windows.  


Vintage Shasta Trailer Renovation

Vintage Shasta Trailer

Stay tuned for more caravan posts! 


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