The Areca Palm was found to be one of the best plants for home air purification in a study conducted by NASA 27 years ago and rightfully so has earned it's place amongst the world's most popular indoor palms. Not only has this breed of palm been found to lend itself very well to indoor environments, but it also is a great choice for exterior styling and function as well. Known by other common names such as Golden Cane Palm, Bamboo Palm, and Yellow Butterfly Palm, this plant can also be used to create privacy barriers all the while adding some tropical flare to your yard. In outdoor environments, the Areca Palm can grow up to 30 feet tall and typically experiences a growth rate of about 5 inches per year. In indoor environments, they typically average 6 feet in height. 

Areca Palm


Care, whether indoor or outdoor, is relatively easy for Areca Palms. They tend to do best in filtered light with well draining soil. These palms should be watered enough to keep their soil moist most of the time. A good way to tell if they are ready for more water is to feel the first first few inches of surface soil. If this soil has dried out, then the palms should receive their next watering. Overwatering is a likely way to kill these palms, so caution should be taken to ensure that they are not receiving excessive amounts of water. Typically people find that watering twice a week suffices for this breed of palm tree. As for temperature, Areca Palms do best in climates ranging from 65 - 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Areca Palm


We love the idea of using these palms to enclose a yard space or bring a little tropical style to any environment. We could envision a few groupings of these palms near a pond or in a courtyard. Their wispy leaves inhibit a tranquil vibe, especially when they blow quietly in the wind. Also, a patio space with a few planters of Areca Palms would look great. 

Maybe you have a corner in your room and you aren't too sure what to put there. Consider putting an Areca Palm there in a nice colored planter or basket. Not only will the texture of the leaves add some nice visual appeal to your space, but you'll also have a new air filtering friend. 



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