Bun Pin

$40.00 USD

The Bun Pin - one item every girl should not live without! If you like to wear your hair in a top knot or the like, you NEED a Bun Pin. Each pin is handmade & hammered creating a strong textured finish. The gold pins are made of brass and a the silver of steel. You can rock these easy to use pins when your running around town, working out, sleeping, or honestly just every minute of everyday.

    • 3 inch- Perfect for small buns and half up topknots
    • 4 inch- Best for medium to long average hair
    • 5 inch- Great for long to very long hair and hair with full or very curly texture

About the Artisan: Chelsea Aiello, is a maker. She likes to make things with her hands, and over the years she has done just that. But it wasn't until big plastic bun pins, chopsticks, and the occasional pencil weren't cutting it that she decided to take matters into her own hands. Literally, she handmade a bun pin. It was pretty, simple, and easy to use, a more pulled together knot of hair. It was then that she decided these must be shared. 

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