Ceramic Phone Charging Dock/Succulent Planter

$68.00 USD

Bring a little life and organization to your nightstand or desk with one of these beautiful, handmade ceramic curio's. Charge your phone, grow a succulent, and display some botanical cuttings, etc! The side dish can be used to hold the planter or can also be used as a catch-all, while the back vase can be used for a fresh foliage or to store your pencils and pens. These ceramic organizers are versatile, sleek, and extremely useful. There is a drainage hole in the planter for your succulents and also cork pads on the bottom of the dock so it won't scratch your furniture. 

Available in three colors: earl grey, white, mint. 

4.5"D x 8.5"W x 3.5"H (planter is 3"H) 

Each pot will come unplanted, with either an Haworthia, Cacti, Aloe, or Echeveria succulent and jade rocks. If you have a plant preference, please list it in your order notes. 


About the artisans: 

Myles and Heather Geyman met at a community ceramics studio in Pittsburgh, Pa. Not long after working side by side in a shared space they began to collaborate creatively. STAK Ceramics was created in 2011 and Myles and Heather were married shortly after. They spend their days making work in Stak’s Pittsburgh studio with the company of two good-natured Basset Hounds Mabel and Louise (Weezy). 

Stak Ceramics is a union of Myles’ understanding of form and product development, and Heather’s knowledge of ceramic process, design and composition. All products are made by hand with the utmost of care and consideration. They utilize several different processes such as wheel throwing, mold making and slip casting. The objective of Stak Ceramics is to offer high quality, handmade housewares with a contemporary aesthetic and overall purpose of everyday use.

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